Fine Touch Concierge specializes in a varied list of concierge & lifestyle services.  From regularly schedule services to just an occasional or one-time need, Fine Touch Concierge will be there for you. 

A personal assistant service without the full-time commitment!

How can we give you more time in your life, reduce some of your stress and give you additional peace of mind?
Here are some examples of who are customers are and the type of services we help with.

Busy Executives

Busy executives that need assistance with household management and their busy calendar.  Letting a Fine Touch Concierge assistant look after the household management means you can focus on your career and then spend time relaxing and recharging instead of worrying about the day-to-day household tasks that also need doing.  Why not come home and relax?

Families On The Go

Families on the go trying to juggle work, children’s activities, running the household and possibly caring for an aging parent.  By offering planning, a schedule, organization and meal planning, Fine Touch Concierge and lifestyle services can add some calm to your life.


Seniors who just need a little bit of extra help.  Maybe getting out to do some personal shopping isn’t that easy anymore or getting out to an appointment.  Pulling out the holiday décor takes a lot of effort or having some friends in for lunch is just a bit too much work.  Our personal assistants are available to add in that little bit of extra help letting you continue to do the things you enjoy in the surroundings you take pleasure in.  The bonus is, it is also more enjoyable to do things with someone else than on your own!

New Parents and Individuals Convalescing

Whether you are new parents adjusting to changing schedules or individuals recovering from surgery or a hospital stay, if you need a bit of temporary help, our personal assistants are more than happy to lend a hand.  Bringing in groceries, loading the dishwasher, food preparation or general tiding; let us take care of the little things so you can relax and focus on what you need to. 

People That Just Want To Have Fun

Do you need some help planning or preparing for your dinner or cocktail party?  Is your child’s birthday party next on the calendar?  Maybe you have a social function coming up where an extra person that could come along and help with a family member would be beneficial.  Time to plan your next vacation or is it simply helping to pack up for the cottage, so you can just come home from work, get in the car and go?  Whether it is buying party supplies, packing the suitcases for your trip or buying the groceries and packing the cooler ready to load into the car, Fine Touch Concierge is just a call away.


The internet is a fabulous tool at our finger tips, but it still takes time to do research.  Whether it is researching that next new car, a new appliance, service contractors or a vacation, we are experts at listening to what your requirements are, doing the research and then presenting some options to you to consider.

Home Watch Service

Go away with peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on your home and checking it regularly.  Checking to make sure everything is fine within your home, watering plants, picking up the mail and sending it to you if you are away for an extended period of time.  We offer several home watch service packages to suit your needs, so you can relax and enjoy your time away.

Personal Services

Home Services

Parties & Event Planning

Travel & Vacation Prep

If your requirement is not on the list, we have probably done it.
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